Behaviour Policy

In the Brigidine tradition of Strength and Gentleness,

Holy Family School has a vision of a school culture that promotes proactive and consistent approach to the development of positive relationships between all members of the school community.

This will be encouraged within a safe environment where co-operation, shared values and mutual respect are fostered and individual differences are recognised.

Hence we strive to be a “WE CAN WORK IT OUT” School

The policy that you see above explains the overall intention of the school community in dealing with children’s behaviours both positive and negative.

We use the term “proactive” because we work to teach positive and acceptable behaviours rather than wait for misbehaviours to occur and then react negatively with punishment. We use the term “consistent” because we are working in an ongoing manner to ensure that all involved know what behaviours are expected and the consequences for failing to meet stated expectations.

We believe that the environment needs to be “safe” for all concerned - “shared values” include parental and home values as well as values expounded at school - hopefully these values are Christian ones that are acceptable to all.

We use the phrase “we can work it out” to encourage all concerned to first try to deal with their problems themselves. Should this prove too difficult, then - approach peer mediation and finally teachers and Principal.

It is important not to take the control of the situation out of the hands of the child immediately - by doing this children are given a subtle message that they are not capable of handling their own problems. However, as we all know, we need help at times to handle situations, so children are encouraged to seek help when they feel the need.

Both staff and students work with a Social Skills Program in areas involving pro-social behaviours, conflict resolution, and peer mediation skills to ensure that a positive, proactive school management policy and its processes is a reality.