Enrolment Policy


Holy Family School seeks to provide an inclusive, supportive and nurturing environment which fosters a strong Catholic identity whilst still being open to all who share these Gospel values.


  • Applications will be prioritized according to:
  • Catholic families from Holy Family & St Lucia Parishes
  • Families with children already enrolled at the school
  • Catholic families from outside the Parish
  • Families who are not Catholic

General Enrolment Policy
  • To be enrolled in Prep at Holy Family School, children must turn 5 years of age by 30th June in the year they are to commence. Please see Parent tab for Prep Cut Off Dates
  • At the time of enrolment all families should be made conversant with the aims of a Catholic school and the expectation that all students will take part in the formal Religious Education program and participate in the Liturgical Life of the school.
  • For children enrolled, who are not catholic, the school will recognize an obligation to show regard for the religious tradition to which the child belongs.
  • Children who have special needs will be enrolled according to the “Special Needs Enrolment” procedures (Brisbane Catholic Education) Prior criteria e.g., Parish members / siblings do not guarantee a placement in this case. Rather the overall benefit to the child and the school are taken into consideration through the Special Needs Enrolment process.
(Enrolment forms are located in the Parents Tab.)

It should be noted that enrolment at Holy Family School does not guarantee enrolment at another Catholic Primary school or a Catholic Secondary School.