Mobile Phone Policy

​​​ Holy Family School has a vision of proactive and positive communication among all members of the school and Parish community in line with Gospel values and with regard to the school Mission Statement.
This will be encouraged in a manner that is safe and demonstrates respect for all of this community. 
 Mobile Phone section: 
 Students at Holy Family School are permitted to bring mobile phones to school. Use of phones during school hours is not permitted. 
 Policy Guidelines: 
 • Mobile phones must be turned off and kept in the school office during school hours. 

• Mobiles provide valuable communication that can enhance student welfare and safety. 

• Inappropriate use of mobile phones will result in child/children involved being unable to bring mobiles onto school property and parents being informed of the reason for this. 

• Students are solely responsible for the security of their mobiles. The school will not accept any liability for the loss or theft of a mobile phone. 
 Rationale:   It is accepted that mobile phones and pagers are an intrinsic part of today’s society and as such when used appropriately, provide a valuable source of communication. 
  Positive aspects of this form of communication are: 
 • Ability to communicate with parents regarding changes to arrangements • Enhanced safety and feeling of security 
  Some issues of concern are: 
 • Disruption during instruction

 • Theft

 • Inappropriate use and prank calls.

Mobile Phone Policy.pdf