School Fees Policy

Some of the key elements of our School Mission Statement embraces are the following

·         Promote Gospel values
·         Learn in an atmosphere of mutual respect
·         Encourage all children to develop to their potential
·         For all children to become productive and responsive participants in society

1.0     POLICY:

In order for our school to meet the challenges of these elements of our School Mission Statement, our school administration is responsible for planning and implementing a responsible school budget to fully resource the educational needs of the children.  The budget also recognises the partnership role of parents and their  financial responsibilities.  
The school holds an expectation that all parents will commit themselves to sharing the financial needs of the school by way of meeting school fee accounts and contributing to the financial welfare for capital development.
The school will however be cognisant of families who may find it difficult to meet their original commitment as a result of hardship.  In this case a personal plan would need to be negotiated.



2.1           ACCOUNTS

Accounts are emailed during the first few weeks of  each  term.    The due date for the payment of fees is set at two weeks from the date of issue.. Parents are informed in the newsletter (when school fees have been emailed) that they need to contact the school if they are experiencing difficulty which could affect the payment of fees by the due date.

2.2           LATE FEES

Once the due date has passed the following procedures apply:
1.                  A general reminder is emailed giving parents 7 days to attend to payment. 
2.                  If 7 days have passed and there has been no contact with school, the parents are to receive a letter from the Principal requiring them to pay immediately or to contact the Principal on the next working day.  
3.                  If contact is made, the Principal is then to arrange for appointments to occur at the earliest possible time. If no payment is received or contact made the Principal immediately contacts the parent.


Parents seeking an extension of time or concession are required to make an appointment with the Principal or appointed delegate.  At this interview  parents will be asked to bring with them any information/documentation  that may support their case.  The Principal may also ask for them to provide financial details of their general income and expenditure and any other factors that may be influencing their situation.
At the meeting parents are reminded of their original commitment they made at enrolment to pay for school fees.  They are required to share their financial situation.    The Principal is to document this discussion on the “SCHOOL FEES / BUILDING FUND FINANCIAL PLAN FORM
Critical to any discussions will be a focus on priorities.  If for example a parent claims financial hardship while at the same time they plan holidays in preference to paying school fees, then they may be asked to reconsider their commitment to our school and their child’s education here at Holy Family School.
Concessions or extensions will be based on short term financial hardship such as
  • Illness/Accident resulting loss of income
  • Loss of job
  • Other significant event(s) resulting in loss of income.
Parents are asked to make a commitment to adopt a plan for the payment of fees. The plan would require
parents to make regular payments either  directly to school or via a direct debit arrangement.
Following a discussion with the Principal, parents are to complete and sign the “SCHOOL FEES / BUILDING FUND FINANCIAL PLAN FORM” and are given a copy.  This form is held on  file for future reference.
Parents are required to inform the school if changes to family financial situation changes … ie recommencement of employment. 
Finally parents are led to understand fully that arrangements do not extend beyond 2 terms OR a calendar year unless a new appointment and negotiations occur.

2.4       Other procedures for parents who do not contact school or fail to adhere to plan:

  • Parents who do not adhere to plan or attend to the above procedures will as a last resort be informed that the Principal will advise the Parish Priest that a process of debt collection should be engaged.  If this decision is made then they will be invited to a joint meeting with the Principal and Priest.