Parents and Friends

The P&F Association represents the parents and carers of all students attending Holy Family. It is a very active and enthusiastic group whose primary responsibility is to act as a communication channel through which members can be informed about school matters, and parent opinion and interests can be relayed to the Principal and school staff.

As well, it aims to promote a spirit of friendship and cooperation within the school community. It is a means by which parents can become actively involved in the life of the school and participate in the educational, spiritual and personal development of their children.
The P&F Association holds monthly meetings on the 3rd Tuesday of each month.





President:            Lucy Lilienstein


Vice President:     Beth Hamilton


Treasurer :          Melody Cross


Secretary :          Jane Hourigan/Maria Morrissey


Uniform Shop :    Karen Donelan, Helen Hardiker,


                         Beth Hamilton, Deb Hall


Other General Committee: Alison O'Regan, Danielle Grinev, Jane Chappell, Jane Sadler, Skye Looney & Tessa Trevor-   Roberts.