Catholic Identity

Holy Family, as part of Brisbane Catholic Education, adopts a re-contextualised understanding of Catholic Identity. 

This is defined by engagement with secular and pluralist contexts and articulation of a holistic Catholic identity within those contexts. The two key drivers in re-contextualisation are dialogue with plurality and a symbolic understanding of religion. (Pollefeyt & Bouwens, 2010).  The re-contextualist position ensures that the Catholic Christian tradition is clearly visible in the contemporary context, fusing the old with the new. This engagement echoes the call and ministry of Pope Francis: that as part of Brisbane Catholic Education we understand the changing realities of our world and respond to the multi-cultural and multi-religious dimensions of the society in which we find ourselves (CCE April 7 2014).  

​Catholic schools prepare our students for life in a contemporary society: a life that is able to make meaning and shape purpose through the lens of a Catholic worldview which re-interprets Catholic faith in contemporary times. This re-contextualising perspective underpins, permeates and animates every aspect of the vision and practice, life and work of Holy Family.

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