Speech and Drama

​​When you join Speak Up you’re not just enrolling in Speech and Drama lessons – you’re investing in your child’s growth. There are no cookie-cutter approaches or shortcuts here. There talented teachers are invested in your child’s progress and have the knowledge and know-how to equip your child with skills for success in school and in life. There team aren’t just teachers – they’re role models.

Yes, Speech and Drama classes are about building performance and communication skills. Confidence, articulation and projection are just a handful of reasons why kids arrive in our classes. But what they do is so much more than skill development. They build awesome humans.

Courage. Wit. Persistence. Compassion.

These are the things that a performing arts education provides. Skills such as speaking clearly, making eye contact and reading aloud are embedded into Speech and Drama lessons and they have a real impact in your child’s future. 

Speak Up - Drama Queens​