Our Lived Faith

​​​​Holy Family School is a Catholic Faith community promoting ‘Gospel Values and Learning’ where students, parents and staff are ‘encouraged to develop their potential to become productive and responsible members of society’. We strive to recognise the potential of each person and their role in our school community. We believe that Religious Education is an integral part of our creative growth and change.

The Holy Family of Mary, Joseph and Jesus are central to our school and parish beliefs. As the school was founded by the Brigidine Sisters in 1928, both the students and staff also draw on the charism of St Brigid, with a tradition of ‘Strength and Gentleness’, a rich and inspirational story providing meaning for our community. Whilst the story of St Brigid is important to our school, the cent​ral influence on the charism of the school is the person of Christ.

Guided by our motto of ‘strength and gentleness’, at Holy Family School we foster Religious Education through the:

  • Recognition of each person as unique                                            ​
  • Promotion of Religious Education as a key learning area
  • Valuing of parents as prime educators in faith
  • Celebration of prayerful liturgies
  • Tolerance and support of all within the community
  • Use of current teaching practices and reporting procedure​​