Contemporary Education

​Both the Australian Curriculum and the Alice Springs (Mparntwe) Declaration on Educational Goals for Young Australians create a backdrop to understanding the educational challenges and changes that require all those involved in education to leave behind old assumptions. It is important that we can "reboot the s​chool" making it a relevant learning environment for our students today.

The Australian Curriculum will be the source of all curriculum planning, assessment and reporting for all Learning Areas covered by the Australian Curriculum.

A Concept underpinning contemporary education is Personalised Learning. There has been much research on the concept of Personalised Learning which consists of five core elements:

  1. ​Assessment for learning and the use of evidence and dialogue to identify every student's learning needs.
  2. Learning and teaching strategies that develop the competence and confidence of every learner by actively engaging and stretching them.
  3. Curriculum entitlement and choice that delivers breadth of study, personal relevance and flexible learning pathways through the system.
  4. A student-centred approach to school organisation, with school leaders and teachers thinking creatively about how to support high quality teaching and learning.
  5. Strong partnerships beyond the school to drive forward progress in the classroom, to remove barriers to learning and to support pupil wellbeing.
Personalising learning and pedagogy that recognises living and learning in a technology-rich world.

Visible Learning through collaboration, enables students to identify real-world problems within the context of the mandated curriculum.

Learning in the 21st Century, immerses our children as creative thinkers who will explore creative (multiple/varied) ways of dealing with solving problems and providing skills to adapt to jobs that do not yet exist.

Our school's approach to curriculum and pedagogy is deeply rooted in faith, empowering students with the essential knowledge, skills capacities and capabilities for active citizenship and lifelong learning.