Religious Life of the School

​​The Religious Life of the School (RLOS) focuses on the second dimension of Religious Education, by teaching students to be religious in the context of the Catholic Christian tradition. This is a faith development activity focused on nurturing the religious, spiritual and faith growth of students. 

The faith development of students in the Religious Life of the School is comprised of four interrelated components:
  • Religious Identity and Culture
  • Evangelisation and Faith Formation
  • Prayer and Worship
  • Social Action and Justice.

Religious Identity and Culture 

Holy Family derives its identity and culture from its Catholic Christian character. The school is called to be a real and living expression of the Church's pastoral mission in the world.

Holy Family students and staff draw on the charism of St Brigid, a tradition of ‘Strength and Gentleness’, a rich and inspirational story providing meaning for our community. The word charism, in the tradition of the Church, refers to the spiritual gifts used for the service of the whole community. Whilst the story of St Brigid is important to our community the central influence on the charism of the school is the person of Christ. 

Evangelisation and Faith Formation

Evangelisation and faith formation are focused in an explicit way, through the call to hear the Gospel of Jesus Christ, to respond to it in daily life and to deepen personal understanding and faith. At Holy Family we strive to create experiences which promote the spiritual and faith formation of our students and staff and we support the positive engagement of the members of our school community. The emphasis on these areas is seen through the Religious Life of the School, the Religious Education Curriculum and the promotion of a strong sense of prayer and mission which is interwoven within our school culture. There is also a very strong and active relationship with the Parish and an ongoing commitment to building and sustaining the capacity and commitment of staff to live the Gospel as they promote the model of Christian faith.

Prayer and Worship 

Prayer is the raising of one's mind and heart to God or a request for good things from Him. Worship is described as the adoration of God that may be expressed through praise, thanksgiving, self-offering, sorrow or petition. At Holy Family we provide many opportunities for our students and their families to engage with the Catholic Christian tradition and its rich spiritual practices. Each Class begins and ends with class prayer. Each Wednesday as a school we join in Meditative prayer time. All significant feast days and celebrations of the Church's Liturgical Calendar and other major community events are celebrated with whole school Masses or Liturgies of the Word. 

The school also promotes and supports the participation of families in the Parish Sacramental Programs. Fortnightly school assemblies, led by Year Six leadership groups, all begin with prayer and worship. At different times throughout the year, every class joins the parishioners at the Friday Parish Mass. Religious icons and imagery are visibly displayed throughout the school and all classes create a sacred space in their rooms, featuring evidence of the liturgical year. 

Staff members have the opportunity to come together once a week for a prayer service led by one of their colleagues. We strive to create as many opportunities each week for all members of the school community to come together in prayer and worship, as a way of highlighting their importance in our lives. Staff formation is also paramount to our Religious Education program and formation opportunities are provided annually.

Social Action and Justice 

Students at Holy Family are given numerous opportunities to extend their classroom learning about Catholic social teachings, with active participation and critical reflection on social justice initiatives. Many activities are held throughout the school year to develop a culture of care and concern for members of the broader community. These focus on raising an awareness of issues and provide an opportunity for us to reach out and offer assistance and support to others, often in conjunction with Caritas, Catholic Mission and St Vincent de Paul. There are also activities that continue the link we have through our Parish Missionaries to support a village in Timor Leste. These include collecting and sending medical supplies, stationery, books and clothes to the school, along with raising funds to enable them to purchase much needed resources for the villages. 

Liturgies focusing on particular Gospel values are developed to guide members of the school community to express and live out these virtues in day to day life. They provide the focus for prayer, pastoral time and action. Liturgies, at times, include a strong focus on supporting the work of the Church through its agencies. Policies, practices and procedures are in place to ensure that the children do not forget the needs of marginalised members of our community as well. One such way this is realized is through the St Vincent de Paul Christmas Hamper Appeal, where goods collected are distributed to local families in need.

Parish Sacramental Programs 

Sacramental Programs are run by the Parish community with the liturgical celebrations for First Reconciliation, First Eucharist and Confirmation being conducted in the Holy Family Parish Church. Parents are notified about sacramental preparation times and dates via the School's Newsletter and/or the Parish Bulletin, which are electronically sent to members of the school or parish community. The school’s Religious Education Program complements, supports and enhances these Sacramental preparations for children from our school. Holy Family plays an active role in supporting the Parish with Sacramental Program by actively acknowledging and congratulating the children who are receiving these sacraments. 


Holy Family School Prayer

​God our Creator,

Walk with us on our journey

as students of Holy Family School.

Watch over us,

Guide us and

Keep us safe

As Mary and Joseph did for your son, Jesus

Inspire our hearts and minds

To live like St Brigid showi​ng

Strength and Gentleness

In All we say and do.

Help us to be loving and true children of God.


​© Brisbane Catholic Education, Holy Family School (2023)