Prep Cut off Dates

Prep Enrolment

A decision about when a child enters Prep demands careful consideration about the best educational interests of the child. A child's development when entering school has an en​​during impact on progress and success throughout schooling. BCE's position on early entry to Prep follows the QLD Department of Education position.

Prep eligibility 

In Queensland it is compulsory for children to complete Prep before beginning Year 1. Children become eligible for Prep in the year they turn 5, by 30 June.

Ear​ly or delayed entry to Prep may be considered in specific circumstances and if deemed in the best educational interests of the child. 

Prep - Early entry 

The Education (General Provisions) Regulation 2017, Part 4, Section 17sets out the criteria for considering early entry to Prep:
  1. ​the child turns 5 years by 31 July in the year proposed for enrolment and the Principal is satisfied that the child is ready to begin Prep based on their attributes


2. the child has started education in another state or country that is equivalent to the Prep year and the Principal is satisfied that the child is ready to begin Prep based on their attributes.

When determining if the child is ready to begin Prep earlier than the prescribed age, the Principal considers the child’s: 

  • aptitude and ability 
  • social and emotional competence 

  • physical development 

  • level of knowledge and understanding. 

Most parents enrol their child in Prep at the Prep-eligible age (in the year they turn 5 by June 30). Parents may decide to enrol their child in the following year. 

Delayed entry 

Entry to Prep (and subsequently Year 1) can be delayed by one year if parents feel the child is not ready to commence Prep. Children must begin their education in the Prep year once they reach compulsory school age which is 6 years and 6 months. Parents may discuss the decision to delay entry to Prep with the Principal, however the decision is made by the parents. 

​If your child was born between the dates below, the Prep year in bold will be the year they are eligible for Prep in all Queensland schools .

​1st July 2016   -  30th June 2017     Prep 2022

1st July 2017   -   30th June 2018    Prep 2023

1st July 2018   -  30th June 2019     Prep 2024

1st July 2019   -  30th June 2020    Prep 2025​

1st July 2020   - 30th June 2021      Prep 2026​

1​st July 2021    - 30th June 2022      Prep 2027

1st July 2022  -  30th June 2023      Prep 2028