​​​​​Nurturing every child's potential

The first steps in your child's educational journey are more than just learning; they're about discovery, growth, and the joy of new experiences. 

Children are naturally inquisitive, and our mission is to fuel that curiosity. With a vibrant and interactive learning atmosphere, we ensure that every lesson sparks interest and evokes questions. Play isn't just play here – it's a stepping stone to knowledge, to exploration, to understanding the world.

Our Early Years Educators are at the heart of our Prep program, guiding students through activities that are more than just fun. We lay the foundations for essential skills in literacy, oral language, and mathematics through a mix of hands-on experiences, writing, drawing, and immersive tasks.

​Growing beyond the classroom

At Holy Family School, we recognise that education goes beyond mere academics. We emphasise the holistic development of each child, fostering creativity, broadening perspectives, and nurturing strong, positive relationships. In doing so, we ensure our students are not only ready for their educational journey beyond Prep but also for life's challenges.​

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​"From the very first interview, the school community is incredibly welcoming, supportive and dedicated to fostering a deep love of learning. The teaching and support staff actively encourage students to explore the wide variety of activities on offer during and outside of school hours, challenge students to actively participate in health & wellbeing and always encourage students to ensure that their actions align with the school values, with strength and gentleness. 

The students are a credit to the school - they are kind, considerate, and lifelong friends who collaborate, support and celebrate one another. The broader school community (leadership, parents, friends and parishioners) are incredible, compassionate and inclusive - through action, volunteering and participation they provide a great example of faith, and service to our community. 

At Holy Family, I believe we have created the perfect environment for our future leaders.​"

- ​Leah, Holy Family Parent​​

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HFP230315-1275_CROP.pngAs you consider the best for your child's foundational years, know that at Holy Family Primary School, we're more than just educators. We're partners in your child's growth, champions of their dreams, and supporters of their journey.

We look forward to partnering with you and your child. 

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